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Along the Line - Ramsgreave and Wilpshire


Along the line is a series of artworks that look at the past, the present and to the future. The project aims to encourage us to take some time to look at our railways and acknowledge the impact they have on our lives both in terms of the industries they have supported and the passengers they have carried for both business and pleasure. It looks to highlight some of the many and varied careers involved in the making and running of a railway line and give a glimpse into the lives of some of the people living and working alongside it. 


Photographs play a large part in some of the works at the station with their ability to share a story, capturing both the present and a time and place that’s been and gone. 


The station shelters each hold images and text that give a glimpse into some of the history of the area.


Platform 1 tells the story of James Dixon and his exceptional passion for protecting young people and the tireless dedication to that cause that resulted in the creation of Blackburn Orphanage. 


Platform 2 shares an overview of the Ribble Valley Line with a focus on the history of the station at Ramsgreave and Wilpshire. 

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