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The route starts at the Portwood entrance to Reddish Vale Country Park, you follow the Deadline path keeping an eye out for cast iron pieces and lamppost designs along the way. Once you get to a large stone wall there is a path off to your left which leads down to the Vale. (If you did, by mistake go straight ahead, you would come to Brinnington Tunnel which is well worth a look) Shortly after taking the path off to the left you will cross a large wooden bridge, (a short detour here onto a path off to the left will take you down to Harrisons Weir which is stunning,) head along the main path towards the visitors centre carpark, there you will find the wrought iron bench. Its a lovely place to take time out to enjoy the visitors centre and the ponds and it gives you stunning views of the viaduct. From the carpark retrace your steps back towards the deadline, taking a flight of steps out of the vale valley, at the top of the steps you come to a tarmac road, bear left here if you want to do the full trail and head towards Blackberry Lane, go left along Blackberry Lane, there should be a lamppost artwork around here, continue on until you come to Lapwing Lane on your right, head down here till you reach The Link on your right, go past Brinnington Train Station and at the roundabout take a left onto Middlesex Road. 



I'Continue on until you reach Hereford Road on your right, this is where we have transformed the local youth centre, working with Urban Artist Russ Meehan and local young people. Continue on until you meet Northumberland Road where you turn left, continue on to the traffic lights, passing First House and the Library on your right. Take a right at the lights then a first left down Hampshire Lane head straight down and then right onto Essex Road, which continues onto Brindale Road. On the left is a path taking you back onto the far side of the Vale. Continue along this path which takes you to the other end of Brinnington Tunnel, (you can cut the route short and head back to the carpark by going through the tunnel), or bear off to the left and follow the track under the motorway bridge, eventually coming onto Welkin Road. Take a right onto Stockport Road West which turns into Carrington Road. Continue along Carrington Road past the Gas Works on your right and just after the bridge over the River Goyt, Needhams Foundry was originally in the building on the far side of the road. Carry on Carrington Road till you reach the public underpass bear off to the right here and continue along until you come back to the carpark where you began.


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