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Bellfield Avenue - Oldham MBC

In a collaborative project with Ann Gilligan and pupils at Hathershawe Technical College, we designed a sculpture that celebrated the local cake factory.

Park Cakes is a large factory that produces cakes and biscuits for countrywide distribution. Many generations of local people have worked at the factory and many more have eaten their cakes.

Working with students at the college we looked at the culture of cakes and from discussions during a tea party came to the conclusion that cakes made us think of parties and family occasions and our Grandmas' who would bring out their best tea set and some fancy cakes.

In 3d workshops we developed ideas for a sculptural caterpillar cake, teacup and saucer.

In follow on workshops we created the designs for the surface of the sculptures. Developing on from the caterpillar theme and the decorative nature of china tea sets, we used flower petals to create patterns and designs of butterflies, which we then simplified and used to create prints and the detail on the artworks.

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