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We started to work out the designs for individual manhole covers by looking

at existing manhole designs 

which are mostly geometrical.


We then looked at some 

artist designed manhole 

covers from around the 

world for inspiration. 

The brief was to create a 

design that celebrated 

pattern, nature and industry. 


Plasticine is a much trickier material than it would appear

but the young people worked through it and created their designs.


We used the computer to work out fonts and sizes for the quotes gathered from the local residents and cut them 

out to layout onto the finished design.


Once the young people had perfected their use of 

plasticine and finished their individual designs, we held an open community session where the young people helped members of the community create a manhole


One young person then went on to help in a full class 

workshop in St Bernadettes Primary School Brinnington, where they achieved some stunning results.

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