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The young people went out and about in Brinnington talking to local residents and capturing their stories and memories of working in the area, focusing on Needhams Foundry in particular.

Quotes from the conversations were built into the designs for the manhole covers created by the young people and in  workshops with St Bernadettes Primary School Brinnington and an open session at Reddish Vale Community Centre.

The stunning casts that have been created are laid on the path that now runs along the former Stockport to Bredbury Railway Line, know locally as the Deadline, which starts at the entrance to Reddish Vale, next to the Portwood Roundabout.


It was incredible how many people knew of Needhams and how many had seen their manhole covers when they were abroad, they have been spotted in India, Spain and America as well as all over Great Britain.  

"I worked at Needhams when I was 17 for 3 and a half years, then I went into the army for National Service." 




"I was in the machine shop, a Radial Arm Driller, making holes and screws to go into big projects. It was one of those things that you could just set up and leave it to do its own depth and everything."



"My dad worked at Needhams, worked there for years. Sometimes when there's a coal fire and you get that warm feeling, it smells like it smelt down at Needhams."



"All the sewer covers in peoples gardens and yards round here, take mine for example say Needhams 

Foundry 1946."

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