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Karen studied at Manchester Metropolitan University where she gained a 2:1 Honours Degree in Interactive Arts. During this time, Karen met Hetty Chapman and worked closely with her for many years; collectively they were known as Word of Mouth. Karen has gone on to work collaboratively with Ann Gilligan and Tracey Cartledge on many joint commissions.


"I thrive off the many positive effects that art has on its participants from increased self confidence and the pride in what they have achieved through to a sense of ownership and connection to a place where their work is displayed.”

Karen works with local communities to create artworks for their spaces, she has worked with groups with different backgrounds, ages and abilities and has always found it incredibly rewarding and inspiring to work with people and share their stories and ideas.

"I work in a way that creates a fun and productive atmosphere that allows those involved in the process an arena to share their ideas and opinions. I like to encourage people to think outside the box, taking things away from their obvious and expected paths. Research is also fundamental to my working method as it gives a project depth and a sense of belonging."

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