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Northmoor Road Manchester

37 metre long floor piece made up of 60 sections of cast bronze. Created with members of a local youth group to illustrate their identity within the local community. The piece is divided into 6 sections, each with a different pattern. Each section holds a line of text.

Stereotypes - Tags, labels and pigeonholes are for the ignorant, who are you to judge me.

Expectations - Nervous excitement, unpredicatable futures, continual momentum, ebb and flow, rise and fall.

Compassion - A hub or fulcrum holding the community while the world keeps spining.

Love - Honest, trust emotions, show true passion, never hide away.

Friendship - Secret keeper, truth speaker, trouble stealer, sadness healer, whole together, blood brother, friend.

Community - Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus, Jews, Jains, Mormans, Muslins and Christians, all born in Longsight.

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